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What is Reality Store?

Reality Store in an active, hands-on, real life simulation which gives young people the ability to explore career opportunities and demonstrates the value of education. It challenges them to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those adults. Itís like "The Game of Life", only life sized.

What are the goals of Reality Store?

The goal of Reality Store is to show students the real value of working hard in school, improving their grades, and the importance of attendance so they can go further in their education and be qualified for a better, higher paying career. It also helps students become aware of the need for them to possess basic skills in financial planning, setting goals, decision making, and career planning in a fun and exciting way.

How does it work?

Eighth graders all county, city, and private schools in Franklin County are invited to participate. Prior to their arrival, students are assigned a career and monthly salary based on their GPA and attendance records. Through a random draw, students may be married, a single parent, and have zero to four children. Students are required to purchase all basic necessities such as housing, food, and child care. Of course they must first pay Uncle Sam. Luxury items may also be purchased such as entertainment or vacations. When students find themselves in financial trouble, the can visit the S.O.S. table to get financial advice. Often, they may be instructed to trade in their vehicle for a less expensive one, join the National Guard, or get a second job.

KECU is proud to be the primary sponsor of the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce Reality Store. We are committed and focused on the financial wellness of our members and community.