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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration

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KECU has joined an alliance with other financial institutions to bring you SURCHARGE FREE ATMs. By joining the Alliance One and CU24 ATM networks, KECU is able to provide you with access to thousands of ATMs across the United States. Click either button below to find an ATM near you.

Find an ATM Near You

Local ATM Locations

  • KECU-Main Office, 100 Moore Drive
  • Frankfort Regional Medical Center, 299 Kings Daughters Drive (ATM in front lobby)
  • CHR Building – Slick’s Snack Bar, 275 E. Main St (Security Restricted Building)
  • State Office Building – 501 High Street (Security Restricted Building)
  • Walgreens – 1300 US Hwy 127
  • Walgreens – 385 Versailles Road
  • Florida Tile, 1247 Alton Road (Security Restricted Building)
  • Metro Employees Credit Union, 1306 Versailles Road
  • KY Horse Park Alltech Arena, 4089 Ironworks Parkway
  • Walgreens – 2188 Midland Trail

IMPORTANT NOTE: Attention KECU, Alliance One and CU24 members, please be aware that when using these machines a message will appear stating that a surcharge will be assessed. This message does NOT apply to you. There will be NO surcharge to KECU, Alliance One, or CU24 members. Walgreens locations are excluded from the Alliance One and CU24 network and are surcharge free only to KECU members.

Surcharge free does not imply that other charges cannot be assessed. If a member uses an ATM that is only on the PLUS network, a fee may be imposed for using the machine. This is not a surcharge fee but a network fee and is not excluded when using these machines.