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The EPL Connection Suite

At EPL, we approach your business from a whole new direction, one that drives purposeful growth
and more revenue for your credit union by helping you transform your member relationships.

No other core technology provider offers the full breadth and depth of EPL’s Connection Suite. This family of innovative solutions reaches well beyond transactional data management, and helps you create deeper, more far-reaching connections with members by delivering knowledge-based opportunities that lead them to financial success.

The EPL Connection Suite was created exclusively for credit unions by credit unions, and not only helps you maximize core data and identify new opportunities, but also provides breakthrough products that change the way you interface with members. Our new tools help you provide more than just financial services—all seamlessly connected so you differentiate yourself in the market while creating a more customized “total resource” connection with members!

If you want to truly transform your business, you have to transform your approach to business. Our Connection Suite gives you the tools to progress ahead.

i-POWER® Core: Transaction Engine

Leading core processor focused on credit unions. Connects to superior technology support for increased member satisfaction, plus world-class integrations with online banking, mobile banking, bill pay, debit cards, account opening, lending, fraud detection and more.

    • Updated Oracle system architecture to build the connection points
    • Supported by high-function, tier 3 data center with double disaster recovery connections
    • Customer support: 90% 1st call issue resolution

i-KNOW™ CRM: Knowledge Engine

Fully integrated CRM. Translates member data into actionable knowledge and member insights. Connects those insights with credit union solutions; alerts staff, enabling proactive contact to exceed member expectations.

    • Relational database fuels integrated knowledge dashboard and metrics
    • Seamless generation of staff alerts, contact assignments, and follow-up prompts
    • Fully integrated profitability, relationship scoring, and targeting
    • Built-in predictive analytics and success measurement tools

i-MARKETSM: Action Engine

Powerful and focused marketing support that engages members and delivers guaranteed results. Connects “member need” insights with actionable tactics and hyper-targeted marketing strategy executed by the i-MARKETSM Connections Team.

    • Written ROI Guarantee: incremental revenue generation 5x investment in the process
    • Marketing results guaranteed to pay for your base i-POWER® core processor commitment
    • Focused communications support for five (5) key marketing initiatives
    • Connects people, process, technology and your member

CUEB, 3-D Omni-Suite & CUe-ORB®: Member Connection Tools

Unique, transformational tools provide immediate benefit to members, creating stronger connections. Increase operating efficiency and revenue for your credit union, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

    • CUEB cutting edge insurance marketplace designed specifically for credit unions
    • 3-D Omni-Suite efficiently leverages time, talent and location resources allowing member service on demand
    • CUe-ORB® delivers personalized, consistent member experience, anytime, anywhere through complete online and mobile access
    • Uniquely and genuinely connects people, process and technology to drive growth

Your Credit Union Wins: Transformation

Achieve the highest levels of member engagement, support and growth available. Your revenue, satisfaction, member usage and operational efficiency all increase with the EPL Connection Suite.

    • World-class managed services including security, compliance, training and client service
    • Continued software development focus
    • Solutions built specifically for credit unions
    • Connections to the EPL family of satisfied clients

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