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Electrical Federal Credit Union - Colorado Website

Q: Why did you choose to renew with EPL?
The renewal with EPL was a no brainer. I have been in technology for many years and EPL offers Credit Unions all of the cutting edge technology that is available for a very reasonable cost. Their network of partners in the technology business is extensive and has allowed our Credit Union to do things for our members we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. I am thrilled that a credit union of our size is able to compete technologically with anyone. EPL is a very valuable partner of Electrical Federal Credit Union and is helping us reach our technology goals.
–Thomas Theune, President/CEO

Garden Island Federal Credit Union - Hawaii Website

Q: Why did you choose i-POWER?
We chose i-Power for its intuitive system, open architecture platform and ease of navigation. We have been pleased with the diligence and support the staff at EPL has demonstrated. EPL is a data processor that is totally owned by credit unions and has been recognized by CUNA, we look forward to a great partnership with.
–Keith Uyeno , President/COO

Aventa Credit Union Website

Q: Why did you choose i-POWER?
To my credit union, the open architecture has a powerful benefit; it allows me to use i-POWER alongside products provided by vendors that I already utilize. I-POWER’s open architecture offers a flexibility that allows us to realize our own strategy, not one driven by our core processor.

Q: Why did you choose to invest in EPL?
There are many reasons why investing in EPL will be good for Aventa Credit Union: First, I believe that EPL will take the credit union industry by storm; i-POWER has that kind of potential. Also, by being an owner and user of i-POWER, our $118 million asset credit union will take advantage of the features developed for and paid for by billion dollar asset-sized credit unions. In this way, i-POWER will help us innovate and operate like a larger sized credit union than we really are; not to mention, the releases are deployed at no extra charge to the benefit of all
–Greg Mills, President/CEO

My Credit Union Website

The streamline and automation of processing and out of office backups and servers has allowed us to restructure our staff, cut costs and remain a viable small credit union in a big credit union world.
-Mark Massey, CEO

New Mexico Central Credit Union Website

We found that EPL’s operating system is truly a leader in the marketplace. While the system is “user friendly”, it is also highly sophisticated so as to provide us with extensive data reports for management purposes. We are particularly impressed with EPL’s optical storage, improved member monthly statements, home banking, and the ability to provide e-statements. The member profile input screens will allow us to collect more information than what we are currently able to do. Finally, we believe the EPL system will assist us in further improving our ability to segment our membership for niche marketing.
-Judy Welde, CEO

Northern New Mexico School Employees Federal Credit Union Website

I was really impressed with the fact that EPL is credit union owned and has such excellent references regarding customer support.
-Larry Lujan, CEO


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