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EPLís unique value proposition sets us apart from other technology solution providers. First, EPL is owned by credit unions (not share holders) for the benefit and service to credit unions. Second, we participate in research and development of solutions through a cooperative process ultimately a yielding state-of-the-art open architecture platform as well as hardware, software and on-demand customized solutions. Third, EPL has set a higher standard for totally open technology ultimately enabling more choices, exceptional flexibility and easier integrations. Whatís more, EPL believes that all clients should have the opportunity to take advantage of our core processor (i-POWER) upgrades so we offer them free of implementation cost. Finally, just as EPL is growing in client base; so too, are we accepting new owners/investors.

At EPL, we are committed to a set of core values that ensure a client-centric business focus. We continually strive to align with our owner and client credit unions for a Common Purpose, that is, to provide the technology solutions that credit unions need to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive financial services market. We know that through mutual Empathy, we will gain a better understanding of the challenges credit unions face in serving members and driving their business. This understanding helps us to adjust our practices to accommodate the dynamic and changing credit union. Every successful relationship depends on Trust; credit unions can rest assured that EPL is dedicated to delivering on our promises.

We are committed to empowering our customers to drive their business from their membersí perspective by providing leadership in the development and implementation of quality technology solutions that enable them to compete effectively in the communities they serve.

To Champion People and Technology Working Together

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